Control light precisely!

WDL (PAR) bulb series produce about four times the concentrated light intensity of general service A shape incandescent.

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CREATE Style & Sophistication

Designed for use as down/up lights with close/distance projection. These lamps are ideal for a wide and even distribution of light.

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EXPAND your creativity!

The brightest in the market, transform every room utilizing marvelous light accents open-up the possibilities!

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Wide Loyal Development LimitedWide Loyal Development Limited is a leader in LED lighting Solutions.  We manufacture and distribute globally, and our North America head office has been established in Canada since 1995. Our professional, customer-oriented marketing team provides customers with comprehensive and supportive services, including promotional information, technical details, installation/application advice, and dedicated supervision of orders.

Wide Loyal Brand QualityOur flagship rope light product, Flexilight, has been honoured with the CHINA TOP BRAND award from the Beijing government, thus distinguishing Wide Loyal from other lighting product factories in mainland China. We are proud that Flexilight is one of the highest quality decorative lighting products in the world.

We are fully devoted to continuing to improve our quality and service; we are innovative, and we invest heavily in developing new products. We are Widely Loyal to our vision!

Wide Loyal China FactoryLocated in Guangdong province, southern China, our factory employs more than 6,000 skilled workers under professional ISO 9001 certified management.

Safety is first in our manufacturing facility. We also invest in our technical and engineering teams to improve the degree of safety and innovation during the industrial process.

Wide Loyal believes that providing a clean and safe environment to our workers is vital.

Why People Choose Us

  •   We manufacture our own products.
  •   You won’t have to pay retail prices.
  •   Distribution centers across the World.
  •   Leaders of LED lighting industry for 31 yrs.
  •   Our customer service is second to none
  •   No project is too small or too big for our team.
  •   Contact us and experience the difference!

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