FLEXI-ART: Fireworks

Flexi-Art: Fireworks

Fountain FA-FW-003M
Product Name Fountain
Product Code: FA-FW-003M
Actual Size: 7.87’x14.76′
Power Consumption: 2600W
Templting Goddess FA-FW-004M
Product Name Templting Goddess
Product Code: FA-FW-004M
Actual Size: 10.66’x9.84′
Power Consumption: 1800W
Star of Jellyfish FA-FW-005M
Product Name Star of Jellyfish
Product Code: FA-FW-005M
Actual Size: 6.89’x12.46′
Power Consumption: 2150W
Product Name Star War
Product Code: FA-FW-006M
Actual Size: 8.2’x9.84′
Power Consumption: 3600W
Starlit Night FA-FW-007M
Product Name Starlit Night
Product Code: FA-FW-007M
Actual Size: 14.76’x14.76′
Power Consumption: 3100W
Forest FA-FW-008M
Product Name Forest
Product Code: FA-FW-008M
Actual Size: 6.56’x14.76′
Power Consumption: 2600W
Dream FA-FW-009M
Product Name Dream
Product Code: FA-FW-009M
Actual Size: 7.54’x8.53′
Power Consumption: 2050W

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